Restricted Items at Best Self Storage

At Best Self Storage Sonoma, we restrict the following items from our units:

1) Combustable and Flammible Materials
The inflammable materials of explosive nature are strictly forbidden. Prominent examples are acid, lighter fluid, gasoline, explosives, firecrackers, fertilizers, paints, matches, car batteries, nail polish and remover, liquid bleach, charcoal, kerosene, pool chemicals, paint thinner, motor oil, weed killer, ammonia, pesticides, cleaning fluid, propane, lamp oil, chemistry items, aerosols etc.
2) Perishable food items
Perishable food items are vulnerable to insect and rodent attack. Also, most insurance companies do not provide any kind of cover for goods destroyed if they are stored with perishable food items.
3) Plants and crops
Plants do not tend to survive when they are moved to different climatic conditions, and are also prone to pest attack. The pests can quickly multiply and wreak havoc, destroying other goods also in the process. The toxicity can spread to other plants in the state you are moving to and can be quite damaging to the human and animal health.

Restricted Activities at Best Self Storage

The following activities are restricted while on the premises of Best Self Storage:

  • Smoking
  • Working in the Unit
  • Loud Music or Car Engine Noise
  • Public/Garage Sales

Office Hours:
9:00am to 5:30pm Daily

Gate Hours:

7:00am to 7:00pm Daily



J.B. Fowler & Kelly McCabe 


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