Tips for Selecting a Storage Unit

Location is an important factor when choosing a storage unit. If you are going to be accessing your unit frequently, make sure accessibility is convenient for you.

Size Matters! Make sure that you choose the most appropriate size for your belongings. It's best to opt for a smaller space and fill it to capacity than pay for space you're not using.

Climate Controlled Units are available at our facility for storing your most valuable belongings like antique furniture, important documents or electronic appliances.

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Pack your valuables in uniform boxes for easier stacking. Remember that it is best to fill each box to capacity as unfilled boxes will crush under the weight of the other boxes.

When storing metal appliances or file cabinets, make sure to treat them with a rust resistant coating. Or ask about our climate controlled units!

Humidity in your unit can cause your valuables to warp. Make sure to leave room between your boxes and the wall to aid in air circulation. Laying a tarp or plastic sheeting on the floor and stacking your boxes on wooden crates can help fight condensation for collecting on your valuables.

If you are storing a refrigerator, leave the door ajar to avoid mildew from forming.

Store your most valuable items in the back of your storage unit for added security and invest in a high quality padlock.

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